Update destabilzing


I seem to have a problem with the latest update rolled out for CIS: after rebooting after installation, my machine BSOD-d on the login screen with a 0x0000007F code, but memtest confirmed the entire memory block as working. Complete removal and reinstallation of CIS solved the problem, but after downloading and installing the update again, I found the computer hangs on the “Logging Off” screen, and post-forced restart, Windows (Windows 7 x64) fails to start back up fully and programs are not loading.

For now, I’ve rolled back to 6.0.260739.2674, which appears to restore all functionality.

Am I alone with this problem, or has anyone else experienced something like this, and if so, did anyone manage to solve it while keeping the latest version?

Has nobody else experienced this?

Please download BlueScreenView from Nirsoft and look at the dump file(s) produced by Windows and see if it mentions CIS system files being involved.

I recently reported a blue screen with code 0X7F on my 32 bits Windows 8. If your crash is caused by CIS then it is best to report this in a bug report.

Thank you, will do that tomorrow. I need to retry the update, and it’s late for that in my time zone.
In the meantime, can you link me the bug tracker, where I can report the issue, should it involve CIS?

Bugs reports are submitted in this section of the forum. If you do need to submit a bug report be sure to follow the format provided in this post.

Thank you.