Update Database Virus

hi … this is my first time posting and I need help badly.

I have installed a free version of Comodo Antivirus sometime back on my computer and has been working fine especially the automatic update database virus until recently where it stops updating even when I do it manually?

Is something wrong with my setup or what ever it is you called it or the free trial no longer supported by Comodo?

Can you help please. Thanks in advance.


no it’s still free, something must have happened, do you get any error or anything when you try to update the AV?

The message I got is this :

Failed to update the virus signature database.
Please check your internet connection and try again later.

Sometimes the “balloon” would appear to remind me to update and when do so nothing happen - just the same message like the one above.

try mic tab at top → diagnostics see if it works after that.

i m sorry - i dont see any mic tab though.

can u be a lil more specific?




What version of CIS are you using? The version number can be found under Miscellaneous → About.

hi guys,

i just did the diagnostic and found to have no error.

my product version : 3.9.95478.509
virus signature database : 1160
serial : 155BFB6EB375430cB6D3677C4F25A3D9

Advice please!!!

Can you load http://download.comodo.com/ in your browser and and take a screenshoot?

i click on your link provided and all i get was

404 Not Found though.


Can you check Miscellaneous > Settings > Proxy tab ?

Is use http proxy unchecked?

I get a 404 also.

Isn’t that link the first part of the URL for updates. Not a web page.


Yep. the 404 message is a dynamically generated page. The test was passed with flying colors. :-TU

yes the proxy is unchecked.

am i suppose to check it?

nope. Though a nonfunctional proxy could affect AV updates.

What OS are you using?

window xp

If you try to update Comodo using Miscellaneous > Check for updates

do you get an error message too or it reports “There are no updates available” ?

it says no update available.

It worths trying a manual repair to restore the original AV db and attempt a manual update again.

In %programfiles%\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security (or maybe Comodo Antivirus) there is a scanners folder and a repair folder.

The scanners folder contain the currently used bases.cav signature db
The repair folder contain the original bases.cav signature db

It is possible to open the scanners folder to rename bases.cav to bases.old

Then it is possible to open the repair folder and copy the original bases.cav in the scanners folder.

If the operation is completed successfully there should be a bases.cav of 52.827 kB in both the scanners folder and the repair folder.

Rebooting will allow to start the manual update for the AV again.

PS: It looks like there should be no evident Internet connection issue anyway in case you are using a 3rd party firewall other than Windows firewall please check if cmdagent.exe is blocked.

how do you find out if cmdagent.exe is blocked or not?