update comodo to 10 ,Configuration broken,settings cannot be changed

My english is not well, I really need you help .Please help me .thank you very much.

Configuration broken,can not change settings。


  1. I used Win7 SP1 , and installed Comodo Internet Security , Ver.8 about,I can not remember。

  2. yesterday, I update Windows using 360leakfixer.exe . Upgrade pack were from 2017.3 to 2017.5。

    then, update Comodo to 10

  3. During the update process,Popup registry modification warning window.
    so I close all the defenses of comodo

  4. When Installing upgrade packs of Comodo,the install froze at about 80%。
    The message that “Comodo Security Agent could not be started” appears

  5. I restart my computer.

  6. When using UCBrowser, Popup warning window,I slip up , forbid service.exe running svchost.exe。forbid svchost.exe running C:\Windows\System32\wbem\WmiprvSE.exe ,and chose always remember。

    Befor update Comodo,I also forbid service and wmiprvse to prevent popup windows. because it can be remove.

  7. In the Main interface, projects of network connection , network intrusion, unrecognized files are well(the number after them were changed),but when I open them , the windows were empty。(Under normal conditions,it should display the corresponding content inside)

  8. I remove “forbid service.exe running svchost.exe” in Hips and close my computer.


  1. today, I found I couldn’t get in to Windows.
    so , restart my computer, get in to Safe Mode.

    I found the rule in Hips “forbid service.exe running svchost.exe” was still there.

  2. I delete it,click “OK”. When I open Hips again, the rule was still there.

  3. Then, I found I couldn’t change anything in configuration.


  1. can not change any settings
  2. windows of network connection、network intrusion,、unrecognized files were empty ,but they still work.
  3. at begin, the Main interface, I can close Firewall、Containment、VirusScope、web filtering by click the option to choose “close”
    but now,I can only close Hips. Clicking on other items did not respond
  4. the log of Comodo is OK,it record change settings. but the change did not take effect. When I open Hips, the settings are not changed.


  1. before update Comodo to 10, can remove the rules at any time

  2. I open KillSwich, found cmdagent.exe cmdvirth.exe were defined as “Unknown program”,“full virtualization operation”.
    I take them to the trust list by right-click - Add to trust list

    cmdagent.exe get out of “full virtualization operation”
    cmdvirth.exe still in “full virtualization operation”

    I also add cistray.exe cis.exe to trust list. but it may not be effective because the setting cannot be changed.

  3. My Comodo was installed on D disk.
    But in Hips, “COMODO application program” is “Permitted program”,open it,the path is “c:\program files(x86)\comodo*”

    is it because the path is not D disk,so the programs of COMODO are running at “full virtualization operation”? But before update COMODO ,the situation has not occurred.

  4. is it because , the message “Comodo Security Agent could not be started” when I install the upgrade packs of Comodo frozeing at 80% ??

  5. I can’t repair COMODO in Add / Remove Programs of Win7
    I don’t want to Remove COMODO

  6. What can I do now ???

  7. Can I revert to the previous version?

  8. If I must remove,Will it cause computer failure to boot?

Expect you reply. Thank you !!!

Follow the this guide to perform a clean uninstall then re-install.