Update CIS


When i want to update cis database, the program dowload the file and when download is ok, i have an error message : " La mise à jour de la base virale a échoué. Veuillez vérifier votre connexion internet."

Can you help me ?


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Hi, I can’t help you, but this sounds like the same problem I and another person are having (see topic “CAV failing to update”)

I just tried again, and it downloads the entire bases.cav file and the updates (over 100 MB), then says “Finalizing…” and fails with the same error message as you (except in English).

Can you see if you get the same error in your log? Open CIS and click one of the underlined numbers in the summary screen (e.g. the “0” in “0 threat(s) detected so far” – or something like “0 menaces détectées à ce jour” in French). Then click the “More…” button at the bottom of the event log to start up the full log viewer. On the left side, click the Other Logs → Tasks Launched item (second item in second group). Scroll to today’s date. In my log, I have stuff like this:
Type: Av Update
Code: 0x80004005
Old Database: 1
New Database: 1

Is yours the same?

Hopefully someone can figure this out. The antivirus is useless to me if I can’t even get the base virus signatures!


Check that your C:\Windows\Temp folder exists. If not, make a new one.

I hope that helps you!