update - CIS 3.13.119746.572

Please upload the BSOD’s so dev’s can investigate…

No way.I have restored an image.Everything is lost.They was one after another.There wasn’t a way to even open my browser.

Will system restore return it to the old version? If not where can I get the old version?

They still haven’t updated it so the version 3.12 is still available there.

COMODO ■■■■■■■ the pooch today. I have a T-2 connection and the download/install took more than an hour. Ridiculous. Wait, it gets worse. Once I rebooted after the install my computer was trashed, would freeze halfway through loading programs on startup. I was forced to re-image my drive (Norton Ghost). Everything is fine now. I am refusing to allow this update again. I might just go PAY for a different security solution!

Don’t worry,you can uninstall it in safemode,and reinstall the old version

I updated to CIS 3.13.119746.572 from CIS 3.12.111745.560. I have now rebooted my computer several times without any issues to my files or the OS. However I am not currently using the AV side of this package. Only the firewall is currently installed.

System Spec:
Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit with SP2

could you please give us your system details:
OS vesion, other security products you use, browser you use.
CIS version you have updated from, CIS complectation (AV only, Firewall only or the whole suite)

Windows 7 x 86 OEM. opera 10.01, CIS 3.12.111745.560 complete.

After update some problem here too.

If I make a total disk virus scan request with CAVS, the cmdagent.exe file miss from taskmanager and scan windows hang without start the scan!!

Only when I start diagnostic tool cmdagent.exe file is restored, asking for a S.O. restart!!

CIS is installed on AMD 64 100mhz machine, 1500 Mb RAM, XPpro SP3 and Avast, browser Firefox.

It works fine for me, Maybe some people hear can post their computer specs for computers it works on or computer specs on computers it doesn’t work on. That way it could help narrow some problems out for this and maybe speed the proccess among other problems too!!

On this computer witch works fine (I’m using the info from the top-left side of “ccleaner” )

MS Windows 7 version 7600 “starter edition” 86x
Intel Celeron 1.7GHz, 1GB RAM, Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset Family

Later today, I’ll post another computer specs of 2 more computers and if it works or not, to help narrow the problem

ok i’m going to update to build 3.13
OS is windows 7 64but ultimate, updating the firewall and defense+ with max protection, the AV is not installed.
will post feedback.

I have no problem for the update.
CIS with firewall, d+ and AV active on WinXP Pro

Please post the rest of this discussion in the official release post here