update - CIS 3.13.119746.572

I was updated this Morning to 572.
Does anybody have idea as to what it is.

I think a bugfix only release… not sure as there are no release notes yet…

I’ve got update prompt as well, but I will rather wait for the release notes.

Paranoid mode throws in a bunch of alerts after startup, looks like at least some stuff has changed for D+ …

That is just about what i thought.

The updater is running here almost 20 minutes.It seems frozen.

I have the same issue, a few download servers seem “slow” at the moment.

I’ll let you know if I ever get past 38%. :smiley:

It took me about 10-15 minutes to download.

What is going on. Instead of getting better, the update process is getting worst. Can’t get past 5 to 15%, then error 106. I have tired many times and no success.

It finished here.I’ ll see what is updated, but that reminds me something.When will be an update, that will prohibit to other security programs, like MBAM to touch the comodo’s quarantine?It’s very annoying, when MBAM catches malware, that’s already catched by CIS and stays quietly in the quarantine.When?

Comodo have been notified of the slow download issue.

Please bear with them while the issue is investigated.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Mine downloaded 92.5 Mb and seemed to replace most of the files. I thought it was my poor download speed.

Haven’t noticed much different so far.

Mine downloaded a whooping 108MB or so. The update itself, however, went fine.

Have you guys noticed that after the update the DB no. is 2935?

Anyway thanks COMODO


My databases are 2968 and I think that I finally have Threatcast on Vista.

Downloaded in less than 5 mins.

After reboot and updating CAV noticed that progressbar shows progress in 1% increments, good for those impatient…

Also noticed that it´s not only from .560 to .572 but also from 3.12 to 3.13 which may indicate a major overhaul ?

I’m also at 2968 now but immediately after reboot it was at 2935.

Same here

4 blue screens after this update. :frowning:

I have restored an old image, installed CIS 3.12 again and now it doesn’t want to update it’s virus database.Stop messing the good software, when it’s working well!!! :P0l .I will NOT update the program to 3.13 at this stage.

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