(UPDATE!) - CFP 3's D+ blamed for Eraser 5.x's random-files-left-behind problem?


I use CFP 3, with D+ at Paranoid level.

I also use Eraser 5.x.

After using Eraser to overwrite files in an open folder, I see random “.dll” and “.exe” files left behind by it (or by something). It doesn’t happen every time.

I went to the Eraser / Heidi Software forum/s and found this tendency mentioned, but…the thread seemed to have been locked once somebody had blamed Defense+ for this odd behaviour.

Could anybody explain to me, please, why/how Defense+ can be causing this odd tendency to leave behind randomly chosen “.dll” and “.exe” files after Eraser has done a file erasing job in any folder?

I’m completely lost as to how D+ can cause this! ???

One thing I am certain of is that…I don’t like this happening, and I want it to stop.

Can anybody help me to figure out what this weird connection could possibly be?


Hi TheGodSplinter,

Just looking through the forum you mention it does appear to have been brushed under the carpet.Anyway i had to leave the forum(couldn`t stop laughing) due the post [PLEASE HELP(my son has been arrested)] 88)

The only suggestion i have is maybe these files are cached somewhere and when the original is removed it is replaced with the cached one.



The Eraser forum’s people have exchanged posts with me about this problem, overnight, and have provided what appears to be a very helpful idea as to what may be causing this issue.

The link to the thread is…



Why it does not do it with any other 35pass gutmann eraser`s is a weird one!