Update bug - Insufficient Resources?

Hey :slight_smile:

I booted up my computer today, and I found that when I launched a manual database update, I got this error message (image attached).

Also, the database listed in the ‘About’ screen is ‘0’ ???

CIS version: 3.8.65951.477
Operating System: Windows XP Pro SP3

[attachment deleted by admin]

I’ve had this happen only to find out that CIS was doing its automatic update. I think you get the error when trying to update manually during the auto-update.

Maybe so, but my computer has been on for a while, and when I came to check it about 20 minutes ago, I found that I was getting this error when I clicked to update. Usually, when an automatic update is running, the CIS main screen says ‘Updating now’ or something… or at least it has done in the past ???

There was also no tooltip saying ‘Update in progress’, which there usually is.

This fixed itself after reboot. Now running fine with database 1021 :slight_smile:

Will post back here if bug occurs again.