Update behind proxy

Please can we have updates behind proxies.

All my service providers use proxies. At work we have proxy. Vodacom 3G (South Africa) routes all traffic via proxy.


+1 esp corporate firewalls / proxies

It is support update behind proxy.
Please click “Miscellaneous” → “Setting” → “Proxy” tab → check “Use http porxy” → fill in the proxy IP, and Port number.

Then it can update behind proxy.

It is somewhat IT heavy if you don’t know the proxy server IP address.

Therefore, for friendly usage of COMODO, I would like to see “Proxy Server Autodetection” option for non-technical person.

They just can not understand what is the IP address and port number.
Maybe they can not contact with IT to said I want “proxy” IP and port number.

Therefore, a proper solution for this would be “Autodetection proxy setting”. Similar with Firfox networking setting tab.

The problem especially in my case is more about not being able to connect due to the corp access policies on the proxy firewall. I have noticed this on multiple softwares - there is a default deny on the corp firewall and most softwares are unable to connect / update. i am able to manage through the home network but that’s not the solution. there have to be better options.

it is supposed to pick up its settings from IE.
If you go to Miscellaneous/Settings/Proxy, and click the ‘Import Settings From IE’ link, it should resolve your problem.
Make sure ‘Use HTTP Proxy’ is checked.