Update balloon timeout.

Hello I’ve seen when Comodo updating virus database it display a balloon at tray.
But if I don’t click to close it It’ll display until I close.

I wish there have a “balloon timeout” for display balloon and close when out of time.

Like FDM thet have an option for balloon display settings display,

Note: I’m using Windows XP.

Yes! I’d like this as well.

me too !!!

I want user definable time-out options. And I want the option to disable those totally annoying “popups” completely, as the right context menu setting suggests should happen. The Comodo system tray icon is already animated - changing colors during these updates would be acceptable to me. I have several unattended PCs that may only get accessed every couple days. It is a real PITA to click two balloons for each and every one of these updates when I finally do wake the machine up. If not corrected soon, CAV will be disabled and I will once again seek alternatives that don’t assume they know what I, and every other user wants.


TweakUI seems to work fine.

Yes, I absolutely agree on this subject, so please stop this tedious baloon spam by putting an option - or even better several to choose from - into the program.

One could be to set up a user-defined baloon timeout as mentioned before … and another one (and that’s what I would prefer) for switching into “silence” mode, while all ongoing update activities would still be recorded in a logfile, and/or combine this with Digerati’s recommendation (traybar icon).