Update and CIS config

Hi, I am using CIS from the begining, on several computers ( between them one is Win Server 2003 SBS ), without major problems.
One of minor problem is that I can not, on 2 computers, automaticly update CIS to new version, but I have to deinstal it and reinstal new version.
I know that I can export configuration file, but I dont know can I import it version which is whole number larger ( example update from 3.x to 4.x, now when ver 5.x becomes stable I will import config from 4.x )

Can I do that whitout loosing my configuration ?

When you install v4 on a computer with v3 the installer will uninstall v3 and will keep a copy of your active v3 configuration in v4 under Manage My Configurations.

As with all major steps default settings will change and with importing older configurations you will not get the benefits of the new settings. It’s up to you.