Update advised even if not using CAV?...Why?


In the major thread about the CIS update, it is advised that we download/update, even if we are not using the CAV, even though the changelog (first post) shows that nothing outside the CAV is actually changed.

I don’t use CAV. Why are you advising us to download the update (Firewall/Defense+) if the only changes are in the CAV?


developers may fix/enhance things which they do not publish in release notes.
to be more precise there can be numerous fixes which don’t go into release notes.

as for CF/CIS releases: IIRC during at least one upgrade a bug which i was aware of was fixed, but no sign it was fixed in release notes…

If you look at the files inside the CIS folder after updating through the built in update function, you will see that all the main files have the new version number, so it is probably not only the AV modules that have been updated. The last update did not change the version numbers on all of the files.


Well, thanks, guys, but what I mean is: shouldn’t we be informed of which files are / aren’t updated and why?

I can see that some coding changes may be too complex for the average user to comprehend, but if some of the Firewall / Defense+ files are updated, then they’re likely to have been upgraded and that would be best shown/described in the changelog - unless I’m missing something, again.



I guess it’s simply not possible for the developers to put everything in the changelog even the smallest GUI change.

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This one has nothing to do with the AV and seems important enough for the greater good:

FIXED! Some windows updates can not be installed while CIS is installed
.....doesn't it? 88)


Thanks for your clarification of a good point, well and courteously made.


There is also an other important reason to upgrade, if you stay behind and start reporting bugs, it could be possible they are fixed yet not noted in the release notes for the newer version so that will also be confusing.

That’s why you are always “forced” to upgrade to the latest version before the will take your complaint on a lot of support teams for suppliers like Cisco/Avaya etc etc…

Normally and especially for Security software you should always upgrade, after all they did not release a new version for the fun of releasing :wink: so to speak.

sorry for !ot!

…but that seems very funny to me:



My original point stands. If there is a reason why an upgrade of CIS should be taken, for those not using the CAV, we should be given the details of what has changed and why, if it is believed that we may understand those details.

As for the general amusement that folk appear to be deriving from my thread, well…I am grateful to those who answered with respect and courtesy. To those else (in the “Comodo Boyz Cozy Chuckles Klub”), well…the attitudes in their replies betray more than enough about how this forum has begun to treat Members.


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When I’m attacked or mocked, I respond in like kind.

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Once more, to those who responded in a courteous manner, my thanks go to you.



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