Update Adobe Flash Player

Hi I have problems updating the Flash player in Comodo. If I update it. It doesn’t work. So you go to Adobes website. And it says it’s disabled and to enable it. So in the address bar I type dragon:plugins it’s not listed. So I can’t enable it.

Hi Mark,
The following site gives unreliable results as to whether or not flash is enabled.
It recognizes Dragon as being Chrome which has an inbuilt flash.

A more accurate site is the following site, select the check now button.

If you find it is truly not installed use the following link.

  1. Select your operating system.
  2. Select flash player for other browsers.

Note: For some adobe sites to work correctly you need to temporarily disable ‘Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP referrer header)’ found under privacy in the advanced settings.

Kind regards.