Update added in Antivirus!

I had comodo running–firewall only; I have another AV.

Comodo said I needed to update. I did. It put in FW + AV without asking if I wanted AV.

■■■■. How do I turn off the AV part so it does not load or run?

From your Start menu, All programs, select Comodo, Comodo Internet Security. Run the ‘Add and Remove Components’.

“…Ended prematurely because of an error…”

Sounds like a corruption. Diagnostics help with/show anything?
You may have to re-install.

From a different computer–My other computer has been ruined.

The above was solved–after a reboot, I was able to get it to complete the removal of AV component.

Then. it undicated the firewall was not working–to run diagnostics==fix. Did so. Reboot required.

BUT, on reboot, it BLUE SCREENS about 5 seconds after desktop first appears. Every time. I cannot get in to fix anything.

I can get into an alternate account, but cannot uninstall Comodo because it is not an administrator account.
It will not uninstall from Safe mode because it throws up a message about Windows Installer being unaccessible.

I desperately need procedure to fix this/remove Comodo manually. I only hope it has not mangled something in a critical windows file or in the registry.

Please advise immediately==I do not desire to have an unusable laptop. Vista.

sounds like a corrupted driver, try starting up in diagnostic mode, boost into safe mode and then open msconfig, select diagnostic from the general tab. Then reboot.

Now run the uninstaller. Once the uninstaller finishes, run this tool https://forums.comodo.com/install-setup-configuration-help-cis/cleanup-tool-for-comodo-internet-security-t36499.0.html

reboot, then open msconfig again and select normal start up. Reboot again. Now you should be able to reinstall.

I did get it to come up after selecting the Diagnostic Startup in msconfig. However, when the uninstall is attempted, I still get the message about Windows Installer being unaccessible. I have never seen that before until this problem occurred.

I am still prevented from uninstalling.

try just running that tool I provided.

OK…progress in this disaster. I web searched (not googled) for the phrase about the installer and found some recommendations at a MS site.

(It appears that going into the Diagnostic Startup disabled the Windows Installer)

After starting the service in services.msc, I was able to run the uninstall process. Now in reboot. will report more later

good to hear, now when rebooted run the rest like I said.

OK, the next problem in this sequence is that I cannot get the BAT file onto the computer…in this mode, there is no internet connection, and it also will not recognize a USB stick. Will try a regular boot in regular mode…

it did fully boot in regular mode without bluescreening! Now I will run the BAT cleanup file, and debate whether I want to chance going through all this again if I reinstall it.

BAT was run…mostly saw error lines flying by…wish instructions had said to redirect output into a text file for subseguent viewing.

the erros are there becasue the uninstaller ran and it did not find the files. There is not a problem with the program just that something happened during the update. I would reinstall with no problems if it was my computer.