Update 7 unusable PC

I received a notification that there was an update for Comodo and then not a lot happened. After a while a window opened and closed and only when I powered up this morning did I see that Comodo had updated.

I started my browser and could not connect to the net. I opened the next browser. Same result. I started a scan, thinking this would identify running processes and then allow a minimum configuration in learning mode.

Nope. The PC was unusable as nothing was allowed to run or connect. But the Comodo icon said I was secure.

Before I ban Comodo from my PC for good, is there something I did wrong? Should I have done something I did not do after the upgrade?
Is there a procedure to get Comodo Firewall to do what it is supposed to do without shutting off my PC?


W7 U, 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
System Type x64-based PC
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 12.0 GB
Total Physical Memory 11.5 GB
Available Physical Memory 7.97 GB
Total Virtual Memory 23.0 GB
Available Virtual Memory 18.4 GB
Page File Space 11.5 GB

That’s strange Andy, which version was comodo upgrading from?

I uninstalled everything before it could cause any damage, so I can’t check.

I would imagine from the previous to the latest, ie v6 to v7.

Most likely something went wrong during an update. It sounds like the Comodo firewall driver may have gotten corrupted. If you are still experiencing problems reinstalling by following the advice I give here should be able to solve this.



Yes, indeed, there must have been a hitch during the update.

Downloaded. Clean install. It is running now.

It’s unnerving that I am asked whether I want to allow programs such as Skype to run and that I can’t sort the Rating Scanner according to “Rating”, but I suppose those are minor hiccups.

Thanks for the help!

Cheers for now

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