Update 3.5.55810.432

I have just got an update,as above.
Very surprised
Anybody know anything.

It should be 3.5.55810.432

I guess a more important questions is do we need to uninstall and reinstall to get full advantage of new features?

EDIT: Hehe. This link works:

Should be an announcement soon.

Rambo, you can edit your first post to correct the version number. :wink: Click on Modify. :slight_smile:

i hope it’s a big update!

For the x64 version (see my download link for the new one) the file size for v.427 (the previous one) is 39.9 MB. The file size for .432 (the new on in question) is 41.1 MB. So, that’s about a 2 MB difference. So, kinda big. I am just waiting on word if it needs to be reinstalled or an update will give me the new features. :slight_smile:

Well, it fixes the issue with updating the virus database behind a proxy, so I’m VERY happy.


i see it’s not yet updated on : Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year at the moment,
but when i click on check for updates in the comodo GUI, it finds new update for build .427


This link also works for Xp and vista 32bit!!


:slight_smile: You guys are faster than me:)

Here is the announcement link : https://forums.comodo.com/feedbackcommentsannouncementsnews_cis/fyi_comodo_internet_security_3555810432_update-t30300.0.html

You just beat the email

Can some of you guys check www.speedtest.net as it doesn’t appear to be working correctly on any browsers since the .432 update. Has errors or hangs. Sometimes gets ping result, then hangs, occasionally download progress clock shoots to halfway and then hangs.

No problems here either.

Thanks for checking; still not working here; will try and diagnose it tomorrow.

Since the announcement is made, I will close this dup. :slight_smile: