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I’m relatively new to Comodo and got my first updater message this evening about being available. I briefly checked this web site to see if I needed to unistall before doing the update. I didn’t find any such instruciton, so I accepted the updater and the new version seems to have installed okay. But, I have two questions:

  1. Can someone confirm that I was correct in not needing to do an uninstall of the previous version before updating to this one?

  2. My D+ setting is “Clean PC Mode”. Before the update I had 2 Pending Files. After the update, I had about 25 more, presumably the result of the update. I went to My Pending Files and clicked Purge. Several of these new ones were identified as not being valid, so I removed them. Now I’m down to 18 and most of them are “C:\Program Files\COMODO.…” files. So I thought I’d click “Lookup” and assumed they’d be declared as being safe and moved automatically. But, the online Lookup results all said “Unknown” for each of these remaining 18 files. Isn’t that odd given that these are Comodo files from the updater? Should I go ahead and manually move them to my safe files?

Hi again doodler (:WAV)

  1. Yes, but with one drawback: https://forums.comodo.com/feedbackcommentsannouncementsnews/comodo_firewall_3019318_has_been_released-t20794.0.html;msg142991#msg142991 - in order to receive the full benefit of the update, you’d have to either manually add those changes (can be tricky as even I had a little rough time finding the locations) or install by itself (but you’ll have to export you settings if you want to keep them)
  2. It is odd, but not the first time it’s happened. They are indeed safe to remove.
  1. Used the auto-updater as well with no problems
  2. Well if you can trace the path and think it’s safe, highly likely they are, just remove them.
  1. I don’t suppose you could provide those locations? I figured out how to add another group, but I’m too much of a dead beat right now to browse for the new paths to protect.

Thanks Soyabeaner. I clicked on the link in your response to #1, but to be honest didn’t really understand much of the information there. It sounds like the updater fails to install some data and that a solution is to manually make the entries. Since I’m not a sophisticated computer user (before CFP, my only firewall was Windows), I’m going to assume/hope the missing data is not crucial. Please let me know if otherwise.

Regardng your answer to #2, are you saying I can remove those 18 files (by clicking the Remove button in My Pending Files)? I thought the correct thing to do is to click the Move To button to send them to My Own Safe Files. Doesn’t clicking the Remove button cause those 18 files to be deleted from my computer completely and wouldn’t that damage my Comodo installation? (Sorry for my ignorance. As stated above, I’m not a high-level computer user and am new to firewalls and HIPS. CFP has been a challenge for me to understand, but I’m hanging in there.)

Clicking remove only removes those items from the pending file, it does not delete them from your comp.

Crucial? Depends on the perspective and your PC usage. If your previous CFP version was working, then obviously it’s not that crucial. However, if they weren’t beneficial Comodo wouldn’t have added those extra entries to the protection. You guys/gals really want me to post screenshots don’t you? It’ll take me a while…

  1. Click Defense+, click Common Tasks, click My Protected Files
  2. Click Groups…
  3. Click Add, click A New Group
  4. Input Windows Management, click Apply
  5. Scroll all the way down, right-click Windows Management, click Add
  6. Enter \Device\NamedPipe\atsvc, click Apply (twice or thrice to save the changes)

That the first change. There are 3 others, but I don’t have time right now to post the rest.

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Here`s how i did no2,it may help. 88)

  1. Open Defence+ choose “protected com interfaces”

2 Right click on Windows Management and choose “ADD”

3 Type at the top {5CE34COD-ODC9-4C1F-897C-DAA1B78CEE7C}

4 Hit the + button,this should move it to the right window

5 Apply to all windows.

you should end up with this

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Based on goodbrazer’s quote and order, that’s actually change number 2 and you left out a step:
In order to correctly add {5CE34COD-ODC9-4C1F-897C-DAA1B78CEE7C} so that it’s underneath Windows Management, you have to click on the Groups button first. That will take you to the My COM Interfaces Groups. Then you can right-click Windows Management and add it there and click Apply to every window.

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Change # 3:

  1. Defense+ > Common Tasks > My Protected Registry Keys
  2. Click Groups… button
  3. Right-click Important Keys > Click Add
  4. Input \SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID in the Add new item field > Click + button or Apply > Click Apply to all windows

i Tip (:s*):[/i] Copy & paste these long strings rather than inputting them
i Tip (:m*):[/i] Maximize each window to scroll less and see everything clearer
i Tip (:a*):[/i] Double-click the heading (not to be confused with title bar) in each window (e.g. My Protected Registry Keys) to alternate between collapsing and expanding all entries

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Change #4 (I just realized I forgot to add this to my own setup :a0):

  1. Defense+ > Advanced > Computer Security Policy
  2. Right-click All Applications > Click Edit, (or Click on All Applications and then click the Edit button on the right side), (or double-click All Application) [same differences :P]
  3. Click Access Rights
  4. Click Modify button in the row of Interprocess Memory Accesses
  5. In the Allowed Applications tab click the Add drop-down button > click Browse…
  6. Copy & paste %windir%\system32\ctfmon.exe in the Add new item field > Click the + or Apply buttons to all windows

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

And don’t ask me to do that again >:( ;D. If someone who is a registry script expert, feel free to include all the above in one .reg file help save us all the trouble please!

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Thanks a bunch soya.

Sorry :-[ just trying to help.

ps still think these should have been automatically added on update.

No kidding 88). I hope it the next update (not the one today/tomorrow) won’t force us to do this, or, if someone who’s a registry freak is out there, feel free to help us out (:HUG)

Greetings all,

We may only thank you for the info. What I wrote in closed .318-thread wasn’t a complaint :). I was trying to understand before doing changes like that. So, those questions came out my personal weirdness, speaking of which I may try to reply to Soyabeaner

You should not diplomatically add the word “registry” before “nut”. You now well that I am just a nut. :o

“(not the one today/tomorrow)” passed already and brought .20.320.
Yes - to the first part - Hopefully next time we’ll have all that auto-added as you said. I am not sure whether the script needed. I may wait for the update
Or I may use your exceptionally well done illustrated instruction…
Colour alpha-blended PNG images… Excellent!

Don’t ask - you deserve another 5-7-5 syllables Haiku poem

   [i]The deepness of our mind
   Can not embrace infinity
   [b]{5CE34COD-ODC9-4C1F-897C-DAA1B78CEE7C}[/b] [b]?[/b][/i]


Cheers :■■■■