Update 2

I was surprised the only problem you had with 2 software firewalls (and Zone Alarm at that ) was the updater. 2 firewalls = a walking time bomb. Technically, you had 3 firewalls running if you count the router.

I will close this thread as resolved then

Soya i didn’t have ZA running in the background i had it disabled so it would not start at boot,i guess it being there even though not running still effected comodo somehow,why does windows firewall not cause this problem?

A firewall being disabled is not the same as it being uninstalled. There are likely still its drivers being loaded upon boot-up that conflicts with the other firewall. The Windows firewall is so weak that some claim it doesn’t qualify as a firewall ;D. Seriously though, XP firewall doesn’t have any outbound protection and all that other good stuff that CFP is famous for: anti-leak protection that have deep level drivers. If this wasn’t the case then we’d be seeing a lot of angry users/customers ;D

Good point mate, i wonder how many of the other users who are having the same problem have old firewalls still on their PC’s.

Lots ??? ;D. I’ve always thought of putting a sticky thread of some general advices and facts to rule out a lot of the most common issues users face. The only problem is that lots of new users don’t have the incentive to even read stickies :-\

This thread will be useful until it drops off the page. :wink: