Update 10 problems

Since the Comodo 10 update the permissions on my pc are messed up. i have an administrator account and two others and i’ve had trouble signing in.

any tips? any news on a fix?


I don’t have a system restore, so i don’t know whether to use Revo installer to get rid of Comodo or wait for a fix.

Any advice? if i get rid of Comodo will i be protected with Windows defender and Avast?


What permissions are messed up? Have you tried doing a clean uninstall and then reinstall? If not you should take a look at this guide Comodo Forum

@UTG - Use all means to uninstall Comodo as the removal tool still leaves things behind. I have 37 systems across the board and had to use it, but saw the leftovers. I am not saying it is bad, but in this case having more than “one tool” is better to do the job.

Plus beware that this new version 10 has no options but to install a lot of other programs like Dragon, Geek Buddy, Internet Security Essentials. So if you finally get this updated you will need to uninstall those programs unless you use them.

That’s not true, you have the option to uncheck them during installation (see attachment).
The only one without opt-out option is Internet Security Essentials (other users and I have already pointed out that this is not acceptable, so I’m sure Comodo team will change this in one of the next releases)

Well, if you download from the “released version …” link here it is misleading. Not intentional I believe, but still there. The file name is “cmd_fw_installer” so one would think cmd=Comodo, fw=Firewall, installer=well you know. But during the installation there is no options to untick those extra programs

With the first two it appears to be installing just the Firewall from the naming in the middle; Comodo Firewall 10. Then it gets strange in the third screenshot because instead of creating a folder called “Comodo Firewall” it creates “Comodo Internet Security” which is what catches my eye that something is wrong. Then the last picture just shows option settings, but reading the lines it just means it will install all those other items. Next is just installing it all. In those screenshots there is no “Optional” or “Customize” to remove those.

If I look at the webpage under the product of just the Free Firewall, the download is version so where is the version 10 of just the firewall?

3rd pictures, you have 2 tabs: permissions and components.
under components you can opt-out from some bloatware

Well, shiver-me-timbers, can it pop out more?

How about, is there just a Comodo Firewall update exe? I mean for version 10, the website shows free Firewall, but download is version Where is just Firewall 10?

it’s not very transparent, but it’s like that.
offline installer is for cis only.
to install cfw you have to use the online installer

Thanks for info Jon79. Last night I had called 17 clients and asked them to watch the installation process. 100% missed that tab. Probably better for Comodo folks to remove that tab, at picture 3 click “Next” and then next screen should show what’s in that tab. This way it is right in the consumers face on what they want installed. Then from there they can click “Next” and one more screen to show “are you sure you are happy with your settings?” with the option “Back” button. If all good then click “Install”

That’s just my 2 cents.

Thanks for the help Jon79