Update 10 horrible

I had nothing but trouble from update 10. I wish I could get back the old version.

First, the auto update stalled, totally hung, doing nothing, not consuming CPU cycles, not accessing the network, progress gauge stuck. So, I rebooted. That brought the computer up in some strange mode with no networking, a strange windows error that disappeared before I could finish reading it, and a strange gray border around the task bar and any windows I opened. A quick trip to safe mode and a recent system restore point brought things back. The widget (prior release), when expanded to the full GUI was only half-there. I couldn’t change to different tabs and clicking on buttons did nothing. So, I installed the update from the web site and rebooted. This time my Windows profile was scrambled and wouldn’t load, so I got a new temporary profile. Another quick trip through safe mode and regedit (HKLM.…\ProfileList\s15…) got my profile back.

Then there’s that annoying piece of junk called “Geek Buddy” they packaged with it. If I wanted your help I’d ask for it. This software ranks right up there with Microsoft “Clippy” and the initial version of Windows UAC for it’s annoyance factor. It must be quite unpopular because a Google search for removal instructions brought up a solution immediately without my needing to click a link.

So, it is now operating as designed: poorly. First of all, there’s a new antivirus feature that conflicts with my existing antivirus. When I finally found the hidden trick to turn it off permanently, I find I am stuck with a big, red, permanent “At Risk” reminder on the widget. Every time I reboot or log in it still starts a scan even though it is supposedly disabled permanently. Every time I try to do anything I get a pop-up to approve it. All the old approvals from prior releases are lost, even after I found the “configuration” menu and used it to apply the configuration from a prior release. Furthermore, I find that it is refusing to allow Comodo Dragon to load extensions that worked just fine before the updowngrade to Release 10.

Is there any way to turn off the antivirus warning and stop the scans? Is there any way to get my old approvals imported so I don’t have to constantly keep re-importing them?

Please, COMODO, think twice and test, test, test before ever letting such an absolutely abominable piece of junk into an unsuspecting world again.

The updater may have installed Comodo Internet Security 10 over your existing Firewall. The Firewall does not have the antivirus feature, although it is implemented internally with the cloud lookup.

There is also the option to not install Geekbuddy, as shown in the attachment.

Funny, it installs Geek Buddy so why need the forums.

I prefer forums so ditch GB. :slight_smile:

Update: I uninstalled and did a clean install (finding the way to the tab allowing me to unselect options like GeekBuddy). It took several reboots for my system to almost stabilize. I still off and on come up with that disappearing notice about some Windows service not running and not getting my profile, but with enough restarts I eventually get a clean boot, and most of my old settings of allowed programs came back.

I’m still stuck with the red “At Risk” bar because I have AV turned off and it still slows my startup by starting a scan that I have to manually turn off. I guess I’m stuck with that because Comodo has changed the product from a firewall with an optional virus scanner to a virus scanner with an optional firewall.