Upating other programs

I am a new user. I have only been CIS Free w/o the AV for a few days. I had been using ZA Free for years. This is the first time that I have had to update my other programs while running Komodo. Ad-Awate, Spybot S&D updated fine without having to switch Defense+ to Install mode. I was even able to install an update for IE 7 via Windows Update.

However, Firefox gave me a connection error twice. I don’t remember the exact error. I switch to Install mode and it updated no prob. I don’t even think it had to downlaoad the update again. This tells me that it download the update the first time, it just would not install in Clean PC mode. I will try to remember to switch setting whenever I need to update Firefox. I di not that the update file are in my pending files. I assume it is safe to clear them out.

I did noticed that I did not have to give a program premission to access the internet again after an update. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing. ZA required that I give permission again.

It’s not needed to give permission again because CIS checks the file path and if malware (or an updater) tries to modify that application, Defense+ will alert you. :slight_smile: