Unwanted submit


Recently I noticed that two files were submitted without me knowing that. Actually, I had no clue it happened. One of them is plain PDF document containing my web transaction data.

Anyone had similar issue?


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This is nothing new and known “problem”

the sent files will only be scanned to see if they are malicious and nothing else.

Valentin N

Well, actually it is huge usability problem. What is difference between parasites and protection if they behave the same way. It is nonsense for protection program to act without users knowledge absolutely anything.

if you join avast community or anything alike file will be sent without you knowing it and I think that’s okey what comodo does; they want to protect the user from malware and nothing else.

I will ask one of the AV labs member how they analyze the files because I think they analyze at code level and not what you see on your screen.

Valentin N

The whole story…


Problem is solved: