Unwanted software installed during automatic updates.

Myself, my family & all my friends have been subjected to stealth installs of Comodo Cloud Antivirus when our browsers automatically update. We are then told to uninstall our own Paid Antivirus Software so the unwanted software can ■■■■■ our computers up. Yes I mean ■■■■■ them up! Our programs are forced to try to run in a sandbox if they not blocked & broken completely. I’ve been fielding calls from frustrated people asking me what to do as their computers are now full for screens & prompts that they have never seen before thanks to Comodo’s low grade business practices. More than likely, if we have come to Comodo for a more secure browser, we already have antivirus installed if not Comodo’s then someone else’s. If Comodo is a true security company it should start acting like it instead of using the shady malware & PUPS way of stealth installing without asking. At this point it will be easier for me to switch everyone to different browsers than to have to keep uninstalling Comodo’s extra unwanted software.