Unwanted resource theft by CFPupdat.exe

I have been annoyed by periodic freezing of the monitor display.
I can finish typing a sentence and look up from the keyboard and see that the last dozen or so characters did not get to the screen - then suddenly they appear.

I have disabled all virus signature updates. They now only happen upon my demand.
I think this MAY have alleviated the problem,
but it could be that this week the hesitations only happened when I was still looking at the keys I was hitting.

Yesterday Process Explorer found 39 MBytes was read by CFPupdate.exe a few minutes after start-up.

Today I was ready for it, and captured this data.
14:35:14 Power On
14:35:31 CMDAGENT Started
14:35:57 LOGON
14:36:43 CFP Started

14:44:30 CFPupdate.exe Started, ran for a few seconds, and consumed
22.66 % CPU
4.4 MBytes Private Byte
25.1 I/O Bytes.

Is there a configuration change I can make that will stop this CFPupdat.exe irritation ?

Incidentally, what is it trying to update, the Security Suite or the A.V. signatures ?
How often does it try to update ? Is it every half hour, like the dberr.txt updates were ?

If irritation persists, should I quarantine it or add it to Blocked Files ! ! !


Cfpupdate.exe looks to see if there are program updates. AV updates are handled by cmdagent.exe. You can disable the program updater under Miscellaneous → Settings → General.

Do the hiccups happen in one program specifically or does it happen across multiple programs?

Thank you, I have now unchecked that option.

I have seen the hiccups when using :-
Gmail via Firefox;
Composing and posting to various forums via Firefox;
Composing documents in Open Office - even with Firefox closed and no Firefox process running.

I think I also experienced hiccups when I temporarily disabled Auto-Updates a couple of weeks ago,
but perhaps that was something else.

Last year with NOD32 A.V. + Comodo 3.5 Firewall I found the Notification Tray lost icons due to a chaotic haphazard launching of start-up services and applications. When She Who MUST Be Obeyed wants the music turned down, it is not a good time to find the Volume Control missing ! ! !
Everything that had been in the start-up folder was removed, and launched in an orderly sequence by my hand crafted start-up script. The problem was finally fixed when I included the NOD32 and CFP GUI start-ups in my script. Having dropped NOD32 in favour of CIS 3.14 the CFP GUI is still launched by my start-up script.

Six days ago in desperation I again disabled updates, and in view of the 100% CPU disasters some months ago I amended the start-up script to
START /I /LOW “cfp” “C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cfp.exe” -h
Process Explorer shows that CFP.exe is now running at priority level 4 instead of level 8

In the last 6 days there have been two occasions when I looked up at the screen just before the last character arrived.
I think I have improved things - but it might just be coincidence - When it was bad it was typically only a two second pause and POSSIBLY not repeated until the next half hour signature update.

I will keep the set-up as is for a few more days to be sure it is definitely better,
and then investigate which change(s) are relevant.
At the moment I suspect I have a fast signature data-base - I believe some signature updates make it slower,
I also suspect that running CFP at a lower priority may be the cure - in which case I will seek advice upon the security of that setting,
Or perhaps it is the frequent signature downloads that caused problems, though I was not able to get a repeatable match between the time at which a hiccup happened and the time of a signature update.