Unwanted Pop Up's

Can anyone help i installed Commodo in the hope my problem would not only be resolved but stopped. I was given advice to install Commodo.

I keep getting advertising pop up’s in secondary internet explorer windows i am unsure of how to explain fully but basically when browsing the web i get a secondary application window opening with what most of the time is advertising for gaming, dating and gambling websites.

I am unsure of what to do i have ran the scans, firewall is set up and set all my internet security options to high including my pop up blocker but still these seem to come through?

Can anyone shed any light on this? also the web address field often start CID:…


Download SuperAntiSpyware Free Edition and scan removing the infections:


Download Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware and scan removing all infections:



Should i have these on top of Commodo stuff?

Did SAS or MBAM find any infections?

You can use SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes’ as on-demand scanners. So you can run them weekly.
For SAS, uncheck load on boot in the Preferences.

go to

get “hijack this” and “ccleaner”

  1. run ccleaner.
    1.2) click on run cleaner (on the bottom right side)
    1.3) after cleaning, click on “registry”, click on “scan for issues”, now on the bottom right side, click on “clean issues”
    1.4)when done close ccleaner

  2. run “hijack this”

  3. run the scan and post the logs here :slight_smile: We’ll tell you what to get rid of.

  4. it’ll simple, don’t worry :-TU

Also what version of Internet Explorer are you using?