Unwanted Hotmail 443 Connection

I noticed when checking the firewall logs that sometimes I get first a port 80 then a secure port 443 connection on my machine. The WHOIS data for the address ( refers to Hotmail. So, it looks like something is making a secure connection to a Hotmail server without my permission. Is this something legitimate or should I be concerned? For now I have a rule blocking any connections to the range of to Thank you in advance.

Doing a quick check, IP address resolves to windowsmedia.com, and belongs to Microsoft. Network checking shows is a Hotmail address space. The port 443 connection could have been an attempt at a secure login. It depends on what you were doing.

Well, as near as I can tell I wasn’t doing anything that would cause this. I don’t have a Hotmail account, and If I recall correctly Windows Media Player is never running when this happens. The Comodo logs show servicehost attempting this on a regular basis and being blocked. In any event can you recommend a really effective malware scanner I could use to check the system?