Unusual traffic

Since upgrading to 2.4, i’m having a lot of log entries about UDP Incoming from my router to local IP address on a NetBios port. This is NOT my machine (and there’s noone else in my network i hope :)), and is not included in the Zone. It is allowed by the Comodo because the source (my router) is in the zone.
I’ve never seen this entries in the previous version, and I didn’t change my network setup…

I wonder if it is a legitimate traffic (maybe multicast, like those IGMP out to 224.0.0.x), or something else?

Here is the entry sample:

Date/Time :2007-01-20 13:46:14
Severity :Low
Reporter :Network Monitor
Description: Information (Access Granted, IP =, Port = nbdgram(138))
Protocol: UDP Incoming
Reason: Network Control Rule ID = 7

Any idea?

It’s legit, and it’s only inside your network.
I’ve had that too.

I’ll just add a rule that allows it without logging, and forget about it…