Unusual screen during boot up.

This screen appears for a 4 or 5 seconds during boot up.

This has started since I installed Comodo’s Firewall and Comodo’s Dragon.

I don’t know if that is relevant or not. Does anyone know please?

I’ve never seen this screen before; and why would anyone add visual confusion with the daft grass and the other green stiff at the top?

If not, where on earth has this come from?

What version of Comodo Firewall did you install and where did you get the installer from? GRUB4DOS appears to be some sort of open-source (GNU based freeware) boot loader (you can Google GRUB4DOS and see info on it) but the current version is 1.1 or better. This would appear to be an old version.

Maybe removing the disk in the CD/DVD unit could help…