unusual question ( little akward maybe , for Melih )

Maybe u call me crazy but thats the way i am.

Sometimes when i saw or read things i cant forget it before i talked it out.

Once i saw Melih talking about , a sandbox , that he said that anybody who said a sandbox ( like bv Sandboxie ) is 100% , is no better then Norton , spreading misinformation.

I am not saying a sandbox is 100% , and i never spreaded it , but once i said to my parents ‘’ this is a sandbox , you cant get any virusses from this , its safe ‘’

I was maybe a little ignorant , but its not like i said its 100% , because i know it is not 100% , nothing is 100% , even Comodo isnt 100%.

But my question is , Melih , do you dislike or hate me now because i once said that a sandbox is safe and u cant get any virusses ?

Am i just like Norton , spreading misinformation now ?

Lol , i know some people might think , wtf is this guy saying , but im one of a kind and i need to get things sorted out , not that i am oversensitive or something , but if i use a product of Comodo , i want to make sure the owner of that product is cool ( to me )

Maybe i am overreacting because i have OCD , i dont know but i want to get a answer from Melih if it is possible.

I really like to use products of Comodo , like CIS and CCE etc.

Thats why i want to sort it out so i can continue using it without worrying about things.

Greetings from a unusual person.

well ?

might be better suited for a PM if this is only towards Melih

How ?

If i send a PM to Melih , i always get this message ,

‘’ The last posting from your IP was less than 1 seconds ago. Please try again later ‘’

i have this problem too sometimes. just try again but try pausing after you click send personal message. if you send it to fast this will keep happening

As long as your intentions were good when you were saying this, then there is no problem.

When you have gotten your first bike, with extra wheels on both sides, your parents gave you the feeling that it is safe. But they would have told you, you need to be carefull though.
Sometimes it needs this feeling of being safe, to be able to make the next step in learning. And the idea of caution is necessary to avoid accidents on this way.
Keep these two elements in balance. Its the best you can do.

What do you mean

You didnt ask me, but i will answer to it though.
First, no one hates for opinions here.

And when you have good intentions, like what i tried to explain too, its more the effect that counts.
Would your parents feel mislead when they find out that one windy hacker could circumvent a sandbox one day, after you suggested them to use a sandbox to stay virus free?
They taught you to bike, you can help them now to safely use a new technology with not too much fear.

But if you sell them your sandbox, and telling them 100% virus proof, while you know that it might be 99,5%, then you are misleading.

Dont care too much about others thoughts. Especially in the internet. Care to do the right thing. Nothing else.

I understand , i really believed the sandbox i suggested was safe , but later i told them it is not 100% , nothing is 100%.

And i know but , if i download something , i want to make sure the owner of that program is good in my opinion.