Unusual Event Showing Up in Firewall Events Log

I began receiving a multitude of these entries in my Firewall Events today.
Windows\Assembly\GAC_32\mcupdate"blah blah"\mcupdate.exe
They were blocked by the firewall, but I am just curious as to what they are.

Searching around, it appears that this could have something to do with Mcafee updating. This is really odd since I have nothing to do with Mcafee installed on my computer. One other thing it could be, I guess, is Media Center update…since I’m running Vista Home Premium.

Only thing is, it just started today. ??? I did install some Windows Updates that were available this morning. Not sure if that had anything to do with this or not.

Can anybody shed some light on this?


Google sure thinks it is McAfee. Try going to Task Manager and see who it belongs to in your system. Did you recently buy a new computer with Vista Home Premium preinstalled? I have seen a number of new computers with a trial version of McAfee installed instead of Norton, which must be deleted by the user. One thing you could do quickly is go to MS Configuration, see if it listed as a startup program, and turn it off. And go to control panel/programs and features and see if anything “McAfee-like” is still listed.

This looks to be part of the “Windows Media Center Store Update Manager”, which is apparently part of Vista Home Premium. The Windows\Assembly folder tree is used by the Microsoft .Net framework. A search on Microsoft.com turns up some details, but not many. If you can check the properties of the file in question, the Version tab should give some details to help identify what it is.

sded, yes it’s a relatively new computer, but Norton was installed from the factory, unfortunately >:(, and one of the first things I do with a new system is get rid of all the unnecessary junk (Norton anything). There is no reference to McAfee anywhere though.

grue155, It does look more like Windows Media Center update. One of the Windows updates that I tried to install had to do with MS. NET Framework, but for some reason the install failed. Wouldn’t I need to have .NET Framework installed for this update to be valid? This might explain why the update failed. Unfortunately, the log is now cleared (I guess this happens upon reboot?) so I won’t be able to investigate the file’s properties unless it occurs again.

Thanks for your replies.


Probably you would need to have the .NET framework installed, but my understanding of .NET is limited. I know it has a number of components, and some of those components might be capable of standing alone. I don’t know. An update would fail if the components needing to be updated were not present. Have you located the mcupdate.exe file to see what the version properties are? That would most likely identify the file enough to confirm it is a Media Center update component.

Yep, that’s what it is all right.
Here’s the path:
C:\Windows\System32\Tasks\Microsoft\Media Center

I wonder why Comodo was blocking the update? I wonder why all of a sudden the updater started trying to update?


Just a guess, is that mcupdate.exe tripped over some default rule, and got blocked that way. Why it started, is likely because of the failed Windows Update. That fail may not have been a complete fail, but succeeded just enough to turn something on, and left it to the mcupdate.exe to complete the job.

It doesn’t really matter. I’m glad Comodo is blocking it because I can’t find a way to turn off the automatic update. I usually never let anything autoupdate…I’d rather do it manually myself. :wink:

I appreciate your interest and help.


Glad to have been of some help.

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