Untrusted Files

Maybe this has been explained already, and if so I apologize for starting a new thread. What happens to files labeled untrusted? Originally I thought they automatically got submitted, but maybe that is just the sandboxed files? And if I submit them manually, after the are cleared by Comodo’s servers, shouldn’t they automatically be removed from the “untrusted” section? Thus far that is not happening, and it seems the files stay there, and accumulate until I manually make them trusted…thanks

If you do a lookup on them, any found to be safe should be automatically moved to your Safe files.

Maybe there is a bug then, or the cloud hardware is still not updated. I use a program called GameSave manager.


It updates a few times a week, and every time it’s update file it considered untrusted. On Friday after I submitted the latest file, I figured I would leave it in untrusted and see if it ever got moved automatically. Unfortunately, it is still this as of late last night. I have not yet checked today.

Same with the Auslogics Defrag Portable version files.

I think they will check if the file is in the cloud safe list. If that’s in the cloud safe list then it get automatically trusted and put to the local trusted file list. Otherwise, it will state in the local unrecognized file list no matter how long you’ve submitted the file.

I trust that Comodo have a set of procedures and policies to determine what files should be included in the cloud safe list.

Well that kind of stinks.

Well, you may try this


LOL I have tried. I think they are behind, or don’t like my suggestions.

I would also like to learn what the procedure is. I would hate to learn that someone is simply trusting submitted files at face value. What tests or references are used? Can anyone please advise us?