Untrusted connection with https:// the Comodo forum

It is only by the Comodo Forum (Screenshot)

Ice Dragon and Firefox.

Safe Mode returned no results. ( Reset Ice Dragon no results )
Checked on another PC. -
The same problem.

What is the problem.?

In IE 10 and Dragon all OK.

Edit: In Ice Dragon and Firefox: Forum opened in http
Not encrypted.
In https:// not working.

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I’m not experiencing this issue with Chromodo, but myself and others are experiencing this with mobile browsers.

John Buchanan

Thanks for the answer.
But I had no mobile browsers.

This stationary PC with installed Firefox and Ice Dragon
The problem I noticed 2 -3 days ago.
Before that everything was normal.

forums.comodo.com has a new certificate since Friday 12 June. See https://forums.comodo.com/-t100653.0.html;msg809948#msg809948

Actually Comodo’s own analyser says that the new certificate is not trusted by Mozilla and Microsoft, and adds “unable to get local issuer certificate”: https://sslanalyzer.comodoca.com/?url=forums.comodo.com

SSL Labs says it’s trusted, though: SSL Server Test: forums.comodo.com (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs)

It’s trusted by Firefox on Ubuntu, but the certificate appears as OV rather than EV (see image).

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Thanks for the information. :-TU

For me this is not good.

I’ll be waiting when SSL will be trusted. ( Firefox )

Hi Eugene 66.

According to https://sslanalyzer.comodoca.com/?url=forums.comodo.com the certificate is now trusted by Mozilla and Microsoft. Can you confirm? Thanks.

Now everything is fine. :-TU

Firefox - Now trusted connection.

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Excellent. Thank you for confirming. :-TU

Actually, this is far from being operating normally so far.

“This website does not supply ownership information.”

At times I will get the certificate (like right now as I am posting I can actually see the certificate) but most of the time the certificate is not at all registering with the forum.