Omg, that’s sh*t to be honest, hope that many of the people will protest and kick the goverment out of Germany.

If it happens, I doubt people wouldn’t fight back. I guess even the soldiers and polices would fight against the laws, so how would they be able to defend themselves?

That’s even more sh*t. Anyways, you can always use a proxy, can’t you (or TrustConnect)?

I guess I can’t wish you the same now that you’re loosing parts of your freedom. Anyways, why would they restrict you access a security forum…?

Move to Sweden mate, we might also have a sh*tty goverment, but we still have some freedom. Anyways, promise that you’ll return, somehow, someday.

Congratulations. I wish I were more skilled in hacking, so that I could hack the German goverment’s site and write HAPPY BIRTHDAY MORPHOS!
You’ll be missed mate.

I’ll end everything with three words:

Thanks for your reply, Ragwing

Still in hope


Hey guys, wrong thread?

I haven’t followed your discussions but I dislike statements like “I hate Germany”.


I agree, even if meant as sarcastic joke or whatnot. No political contempt please.


MorphOS REBOL, can you give me a link of some kind, or tell me where i can read that information?
I’m having a hard time believing that, i need to see it for myself.


is there any specific reason why Rebol can’t post here anymore ??? i don’t get it.

[i]There’s a new law in my oh so democratic country now.

Every citizen’s home door can be opened by the police if they want to.

They’ll put the boots on your door, get your PC equipment and sell it at a public auction.
Don’t believe it?.

Well, don’t believe it then.
It’s sad but true.
And it only becomes worse here.
I won’t be able to write about such topics in 2 days, so I do it now.

I always tried to believe there was some true democratic heart hidden inside all those democracy politics. I fear, I sincerely do fear I was totally wrong.

All kinds of phone calls, handy connections, internet connections will be open to lots of interested companies, not restricted to the state gov police. All those connections will be saved for 6 months.
No democracy possible now.[/i]


The new law will enter into force on 1 January 2008, when all the telecommunication providers will be requested to keep the traffic data for six months. [b]For the Internet services, this obligation will start at the beginning of 2009[/b]. The Internet traffic data will [b]include storing the email addresses, IPs and time stamps in the case of electronic mail[/b]. The providers of anonymisation services are also obliged to respect the same provisions.
(emphasis mine) Basically, the German govt has passed a new law that states all electronic information must be held by ISPs, telcos etc for 6 months. Sadly, I think we'll see more and more of this, terrorists are the new Reds under the bed, civil rights are becoming less respected, hence less relevant, and every politician wants to be seen as being "tough on terror" 88)