Unsure which of my setup files does what

I have a Dell XP machine and run 3 Comodo freeware programs, Firewall, AntiSpam, BOClean, all latest versions, and have the memory thing. Today, I was presented online, I assume as an auto update, with a Comodo page with an AntiSpam setup, which did not say an update, just AntiSpam setup download now - odd - which I did. This downloaded
CASSetup, Comodo desktop installer,,
which I won’t install until I know how it relates to my other Com setup files, as follows

Com AntiSpam 1.01 Setup, Com desktop installer, dated 4.11.07
CAVS Setup_2.0.17.58. Beta, Com desktop installer, dated 25.4.08
CFP Setup English,, 9.5.08

(I am in the UK and use UK date formats)

These are 4 files and I have 3 programs.

Which file does what? This will tell me whether I should install CASSetup, and which file is, I assume, out of date.

Many thanks