Unsure if Comodo is working properly.

I just installed CIS after having used CFP, on a clean Windows install.

I have the configuration set to “Proactive”, is that meant to be the most secure? I haven’t been getting anywhere near as many popups as with the previous version, that’s what makes me feel like it’s not working, is CIS known to have many fewer alerts?

All my settings are defaults afaik, I tried setting Proactive Defense to “Clean PC Mode” for a while, as that’s what I remembered the previous version was, didn’t notice much difference and put it back to safe mode.

The new default settings can make CIS eerily quiet. To see if CIS is working you can check in the main screen and run Diagnostics in More.

You can also enable “Show balloon messages” under More → General.

What configuration were you running on 3.0? The most safe or the default? I forgot the names; think they were Maximum and Optimum?

I’ll try that.

Not so sure what my settings were before, but I think they were defaults.

V4 is just as secure, if not more, than V3 as long as you disable the sandbox. It’s much more quiet, but just as secure.