Unsure about Comodo Secure DNS blocking runescape.com

Hey there, I’ve been using Comodo products for a long time now atleast a year. Always have great security and products. And during that time period, I play Runescape, an MMORPG game for a long time no issues. Now I can’t get into runescape.com website at all. This problem started happening about a month ago. All the computers I own that use Comodo Secure DNS have this issue. My other 2 computers that don’t use it have no problem connecting to Runescape. It’s not showing the blocking page, it just says the website is taking too long to respond and fails to load page. But if I change my DNS to my Service provider and reset connection, I have no problem at all. I thought Runescape banned my ip for a moment for no reason XD. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks. ;D

Please report this here.


That domain was marked in our database as possibly containing malware, which was triggering the block. Thanks for reporting it. A staff member will manually verify the domain and restore access if everything checks out, which should fix this issue.

Thanks again,