Unsupported file system


Got this while trying to install CTM


So what do I need to do to get CTM installed.

1st Partition = Vista NTFS
2nd Partition = Win7 NTFS System report = Window_NT
3nd Partition = Storage NTFS
4th Partition = PCLinuxOS 2010 Ext3
5th Partition = PCLinuxOS 2010 Swap
6th Partition = PCLinuxOS 2010 Ext3
7th Partition = Hidden Recovery = NTFS

Also known as USB attached:
Stand alone HDD ( sdb1 & 2 - Partitioned )
1st Partition = FAT32
2nd Partition = NTFS
Stand alone HDD
1 partition only = NTFS

Is CTM seeing the Ext3 Partitions and stopping because of that ? Even though I’m attempting the install on the second partition with Win7 listing it as (C:).

Any ideas anyone ?

Yes. CTM is not (yet) Linux compatible. Linux could access and change the system file of Windows and make the computer unbootable, lose of data and files, etc. They’re researching and developing a Linux solution. I think it will also be good as a rescue CD to install, uninstall, repair, etc. CTM installations on Windows.

I got this error while trying to install 2.5.129464.157 and all I have are NTFS drives. But I DID have Shadow Defender installed previously, but un-installed it to install this…

I also have Acronis True Backup which has a thing that comes up prior to windows boot - could that be the problem?

Yes. Only one program could manage the MBR.
CTM and Acronis are incompatible.

Thank you for the quick reply.

So, does that mean Shadow Defender too is incompatible? I un-installed Shadow to install this. I had hoped to still be able to re-install Shadow after installing CMT… ???

Well… If Shadow Defender uses the MBR it will be incompatible with Acronis Try & Decide.
I can’t find this technical information in their homepage.

I’m not a techie so I don’t exactly know. But I believe Shadow controls reading and writing to create a virtual environment in which (while running) no changes are done to the original files. Changes to (for example) system reg will stay in effect until reboot at which time you get another original copy to work with.

The pro to Shadow for example, I have grandkids - they can’t do any harm.
The con is some software install require a re-boot to complete. If it isn’t legit, without CMT I’m ■■■■■■■.

Thanks for info you can come up with!

As far I know, there is no other technology than using MBR to start. So, I prtesume they’re incompatible.