Unstealth ports

I have run a stealth test via www.pcflank.com. The results of the test showed that one of my ports was not stealthed. Is there a way to stealth these ports using CPF.

If you are behind a router and you have not forwarded all ports on the router to the IP address of the PC you’re running the port scan test from, then the router is what is being tested not your PC.

It’s also worth pointing out that PC Flank’s firewall leaktest is notoriously unreliable. I’m yet to see it report accurate results.

For example, if you disconnect your PC from the internet and run the leaktest, it will still say it leaked.

Leaked where?

Without an internet connection, there is nowhere to leak to.

IMHO, there is a fundamental flaw in this leaktest and there are better tests out there.

Ewen :slight_smile: