Unsolicited Yahoo Tab [Solved]

Since I installed Ice Dragon, I have had a reoccurring problem with a tab being generated for Yahoo.com every time I open Ice Dragon. The program will open my selected start page on execution, but it will then open a tab linking to Yahoo. The start page tab remains active, but I have to close the Yahoo page manually. The Yahoo tab will reappear frequently during the session without any action on my part.

I assume that Comodo has some sort of arrangement with Yahoo, but this is extremely annoying. How do I prevent the unwanted Yahoo tab from appearing?

I am using the most recent release ( of Ice Dragon.
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Hi and welcome cougars44,
Please check the system drive for a folder named ‘first_launch_portable’.
Delete the folder and contents.

This folder is suppose to delete automatically on first launch, but on the rare occasions it fails to do so.
Kind regards.

Thanks for the quick response captainsticks.

I do not have a folder named ‘first_launch_portable’ on my system drive. I searched my entire C: drive for that folder name and found nothing. Any other ideas?

My apologies, I used copy/paste from a previous issue using the portable version.
As far as I can remember without searching, it is most likely a folder named ‘First_launch’.

Edit: If it is not the above, make certain that two pages are not saved as your homepage separated with the | symbol.
Homepage found under startup under the general tab in options.

The problem was indeed multiple home pages. I found the following stored as home pages:


I used the “use current pages as home page” option and the yahoo page must have been open in one of the tabs.

Thanks for resolving the problem for me.

Hi cougars44,
That is an easy mistake to make.
Good to hear the issue is solved. :-TU
Thanks for letting us know.

Kind regards.