Unsafe website

I am currently experiencing a situation with CID v22.0.0.1 when trying to access my online Bank.
This started a couple of days ago - it appears (CID that is) to get caught in a loop and will not allow me to access said site. CID just flicks back and forth between these 2 screens when any buttons are pressed.
So much so that I have to use the Opera browser to get round it.
I include 2x png files of the screen
Appreciate any and all assistance with this as CID IS my browser of choice.

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Turn off DNS Comodo in your browser settings.
Also: Move the cursor up in the UI.
Press right on the mouse.
Uncheck-Display Web Inspector.

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Jenny66 - again you have come to my rescue - Thanks.
Quite simple when you know how - and I didn’t.
Many thanks again.

Issue resolved.

Welcome dustyv.
No problem. Glad to help. :wink: