Unsafe Entries?

Since help isn’t available yet in BETA:

I cleaned my registry once and did another scan.
Then CRC found 63 unsafe entries.
What would that mean?

Unsafe errors are errors that could be needed for your OS to run fine. So they should be unselected in the reviewing… It’s a smart thing CRC, it doesn’t just delete, it thinks about it before deleting…


I believe they can also relate to software/handles that are currently open.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I have three computers on the first floor used for various reasons. I was overjoyed when I saw the CRC and used it immediately on all three computers.

I should have read before I sped, I thought unsafe entries meant, something put in by bad apps, and it’s going to the outside world despite Comodo Firewall and Eset Nod32 and a router, so I merrily checked them all off on all three computers and cleaned them.

Fortunately I didn’t get to the one upstairs, that’s the important one, however, I haven’t noticed anything that isn’t working properly. All in all, none of the three should have ever started again. I will be reading more in the future. Beautiful product. I am so happy to get CC off my machines. Thank you!

Thank you halfcack.

We do try to be so very careful about being a “Safe Registry Cleaner” we go the extra mile in everything we do with this product. Of course we don’t take the short cut of just showing one or two entries and shying away from extensive research and work to make sure your Registry is clean. That is why you will find our registry cleaner to be a comprehensive and pretty safe! Of course we continue the research behind the scenes and make sure it stays that way!


to halfcack

you said : you were glad you did something with “cc”

i ask: what is “cc”???

and…is there any way to get responses like your to go to my ISP’s mail box, ( hunter10039@infostations.com) since i’m quite uncertain how to get to where I want to go for sure, when I TRY to return here…???

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