Unsafe Entries vs. Unsafe to Delete Entries

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I read the sticky that said DO NOT delete “Unsafe to Delete” (exclamation point graphic in red)…they are unchecked by default…

I do not have that item when I do a scan…I have “Unsafe Entries”(exclamation point graphic in red) which are also unchecked by default…

Are these entries that I have “unsafe entries” (delete immediately) or are they “unsafe to delete”(do NOT delete these)?

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I have to say that I am kind of irritated…the 3 comps that I used this cleaner on, I deleted the “unsafe entries”…

The syntax told me that the entries were “unsafe”…

Now I find out that they should NOT be deleted???

Lets get it together…

Registry Cleaner works brilliantly-

They are “unsafe to delete” - do NOT delete these unless you know what you’re doing. :wink:

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I have to say…wth…I deleted the “unsafe entries”…devs need to get a handle on the syntax…

Thanks much for the prompt reply


Thank you for your feedback. “Unsafe to Delete” is now(in the beta release later today) in Settings, unchecked by default. So, if you know what is this about you can check the option and only then CRC will scan for it.

Time to ask the obvious, since no one else seems to be doing it: if those entries are “unsafe to delete”, why even bother listing them?

They can still be appreciated by really skilled users, who can possibly determine that some of the entries can actually be deleted. But of course, there are often many entries to go through manually, which might take time - and one can wonder if it’s worth it, performancewise.

But after all, I also tend to question those entries.

Excellent queston. I have asked a similar question many times in the forums (along with several other users). See this post where I not only raise this issue, but also propose a solution.

There may be some changes in how CRC ensures your safety (based on a beta release), but the “unsafe” entries issue is still a problem and needs to be addressed (see this thread).

They both mean the same…DONT DELETE THEM !
But yes it was a good question. Better to be safe than sorry Right?
Usually what is default is safest and optimal.