Unsafe Entries [Resolved]

What are unsafe entries and can they be fixed or deleted?

“Unsafe” means they are some kind of errors in your registry which may or may not be safe to delete. Unless you know what you’re doing I suggest leaving these entries alone (not deleted)!


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Well that answers my question so I don’t have to ask it.
Today, for the first time, I used CRC to scan & clean out about 1,230 errors and/or pointers to non-existent apps, whatever. From this clean-out 191 entries were omitted and a second scan showed these 191 entries as being ‘Unsafe’. I don’t understand a lot of the terminology used but noticed that a lot of the Unsafe entries are to do with ’ ROOT \ Installer’, ’ ROOT \ CLSID ’ & ’ Software\Microsoft\Office\Delivery\Source Engine\Downloads.

Decided to come and ask the question and found that it had already been asked and answered.
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Glad to hear that gza, hope CRC cleaned your registry properly.


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CRC in CSC (Comodo System Cleaner) now clarifies what this means because devs have renamed it from “Unsafe Entries” to “Unsafe Entries to Delete”.

Anyway. Question Answered. Issue Resolved. Thread Locked.