Unsafe entries? [RESOLVED]

I noticed CRC found about 100 entries or so. But, it did not automatically check them all off like the others. Is there a reason? Is it best to just leave those alone and let it handle the rest automatically? Another thing. It seems like after reboot and running the ap again. Besides the usual unsafe entries being found. It always manages to find some thing else.


Unsafe entries are entries that may not be safe to delete, and could seriously affect your computer. This is why CRC does not check them by default. Some of these entries may be safe to delete, but be sure to know what you are doing and perform backups before removing them.


Thanks for the prompt response! I will just go ahead and leave them alone since I really do not know much about the registry. Plus I don’t want to mess things up.

Then I guess it’s safe close this thread. :slight_smile:

PM any online Mod if you want it re-opened.