unresposive in rightclicking

Hi all

Windws xp Home edition SP3, all updates.
AMD processor 2800+ with 512 mb ram

CIS version 3.864263.468

Anyway, when i first go to my documents and right click on say comodo firewall where i saved it for installation.
The computer becomes unresponsive for anywhere from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes. After that it will work normal.
If i open task manager it will go from saying “Not Responding” to Running several times, until the menu comes up from right clicking. (see Attachment)

It may be just a coincidence, but i did not have this problem till i installed the latest version.

Also i use SIW and receive this warning
System Information for Windows Build 2008-12-16 Freeware Version
Copyright © 2004-2008 Gabriel Topala
A Virtual Machine (like SANDBOX) is running!

This is a link to the progam site

I am not computer savy, i have tried but probably have more luck if i was hit with a baseball bat.


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