Unresponsive comodo icedragon

I spent over an hour this morning trying to find and type the problems i’m having with comodo. So i done what i usually do, uninstalled comodo then reinstalled it. I now might have a week or two, if i’m lucky, of responsive browsering. Then it will be back to “comodo icedragon is unresponsive” once more. I like comodo icedragon. I like the idea of using a safe browser. I’m no way a computer geek, i dont understand computer speak. These “help forums” are difficult to use and even more difficult to understand. If i could understand them, i wouldn’t need help.
Can anyone please explain to me in plain English what is going wrong with my comodo ice dragon and how to fix it?

my comp is 64bit and i’m using windows 7

I too have the “comodo icedragon is unresponsive” issue, which started maybe three weeks ago. I see that you posted about this 10 days ago, and have not received an official response. There is no other way to interpret this lack of response than to realize that Comodo does not care. If they don’t care, I guess I won’t care either, and will use a product which is supported by its developers.