Unresolved FP

CCE Version: 2.3.219500.176

Virus database version: 11245

[13:13:47] Scan started.

====== Cleanup results ======

C:\Program Files\Panda Security\Panda Cloud Antivirus\PSANHost.exe

Hate to sound like a broken record, but why does this FP keep coming up?

Can you please let us know what it is detected as?


TrojWare.Win32.Downloader.Zlob.SW@22653704 MEMORY

Hi shorty6100,

Did this fp submit before?
Please provide fp sample attached(or sha1) or download links.

Best regards

Submitted on Malware/False-Positive page.

Hi shorty6100,

This fp is not detected by CAV,i reported the fp to CCE
Thank you for your submission.

Best regards

Virus database version: 11245-FP still detected.

Sorry- I meant Virus database version: 11251.

Hello shorty6100,

This will be fixed with database 11253.

Best regards,

Still being flagged with database 11253-now labeled as TrojWare.Win32.GameThief.Games.~GLT@18049026.
VERY frustrating.

Re-submitted on Malware/False-Positive page.

Thanks everyone-database 11256 fixed the FP.