[UNRESOLVED] Commodo and WWW Fileshare Pro

I need help in getting this Fileshare program to be allowed by the Comodo Dragon.
It’s setup to use port 4445 and I utilize no-ip.org so that my IP address is always the same.
If the IP address changes, the servers address stil remains constant. ( http://mysharedfiles.no-ip.org/ )
The server works well if i’m using the Windows FW or ZA Firewall but Comodo seems to block it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Bob,

If you could please post your Comodo Firewall log on the forums that would be very helpful. This way we can tell why it is being blocked and help you make a rule to allow it through :).


Hi justin1278,
As you can see, the post is almost 4 month old. By now, I’ve long since resolved this problem
by simply switching back to another FW.
Commodo and all of it’s files have long since been removed from my system.
Sorry. :cry:

Hello Bob,

I am sorry we were not able to get your issue resolved in time :'(. As for changing firewalls, I believe you should use what is best for you, in this case Zone Alarm. Although I am disappointed about the results of this, there is nothing that can be done now. If there is a next time I am hoping you will have a much better support experience.