Unremovable extension - how to remove? Media Player extension


My serious problem: how can I remove this annoying extension?

see the attach

Installed automatically and unremovable and undisable.


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Search for and remove the folder bnbkbgkfdanbihkbdcchladiikjlmgpo with Dragon not running.

So folder (or any similar) doesn’t exist!

It may be hidden. Also make sure you get the name correct by copying it from the extensions page in Dragon.

The standard place (on Windows 7) for extensions is C:\Users[i]your username[/i]\AppData\Local\Comodo\Dragon\User Data\Default\Extensions

Hi molngab,
This could have tagged along with another program.

Please check in ‘Windows Control Panel’ under Programs & Features (Add & Remove Programs) for Media Player 1.1 or any other browser tool-bars that you did not intentionally install.

Also the external guide in the link below might help.
Remove “Media Player 1.1″ extension-MalwareTips

Kind regards.