Unremember remembered answer [solved]

I clicked a firewall pop us and checked remember my answer now how do you get it to forget remember my answer? Hmmmmmm if I get rid of everything in network security policy then go to safe mode (to refill the list) would that reset my remembered answer?

You can simply edit the policy in your network policy window for the executable that you incorrectly configured, or simply remove the entry altogether and redo it. No need to remove every entry, just the one you would like to change.

It would be the entry at the bottom would it not? Provided you have not remembered anything else.

I’m guessing you don’t remember the program you set by accident then? In that case, yes if you have not "Remembered’ anything else since that time, the entry may be on the very bottom or top of the list (I notice sometimes a new entry will show up on either one, usually the top though). So you could remove just the top and bottom entries to make sure you removed it.

Thanks man, nah it was at the bottom as on the top I have windows updater applications. Thanks again for all your kind help. :slight_smile:

No problem. :wink: